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and a slew of experiences only I can tell you about (pain, loss, love, success, danger etc).

I am BIPOC and grew up with a Gyspy for a mom, traveling around the US and Central America.

I learned how to blend in, speak different languages, survive in different cultures/ environments and ultimately gained interpersonal diversity and the ability to adapt in ALL situations – it gave me an edge, and a hunger for life that not many people seem to have.

I gave up a full ride to an engineering college to join the military as a Pararescue Jumper (Special Forces) in the Air Force. However, I was injured and at the fork in the road, became a Space Force Operator instead; where a few of my many accomplishments included the Mars mission, the first SpaceX Drone Ship landing, and keep the ISS (international space station) on orbit. I also did the Military side of things. 

I helped with a world historic anaconda catch in the Amazon, I've been a forest ranger, a cadet, I've been the bad guy, the good guy, the drifter, the life of the party, I’ve created lasting relationships in places most people have only dared dream of. I’ve loved, I’ve lost, and I’ve died (while downhill mountain biking in 2021, I had an accident that resulted in me temporarily dying. (The other side is beautiful)

While being stationed in SoCal, I became passionate about extreme sports and videography and decided to combine and pursue both after I was honorably discharged.

I am currently in pursuit of a goal I believe has the ability to change the world.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs

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